Personalization ( Engraving, Printing ect.)

Personalizing a custom item or an item we stock is great way to add that special touch on an item for your self or someone special.

We offer Personalization on almost every item we sell and offer engraving services on item you may have you would like engraved.

On Items we sell in our shop we offer, Sublimation Printing, Laser Engraving, Diamond Drag Engraving and Pantograph Diamond Drag Engraving.

On Items you bring in to us, We offer Laser Engraving (for Glass, Crystal, coated metals, plastic & wood),  Diamond Drag Engraving (for flat metal items) & Pantograph engraving(For odd shapped metal items such as swords, cups, knifes ect. 

NOT ALL ITEMS CAN BE ENGRAVED BY US...... You will need to call or bring your item in to confirm it will fit in our machines properly. If an item cannot be secured properly will not be able to accept the job.

PRICES VERY due to difficulty and/or number of lines and areas to be engraved any prices listed are starting prices and can change based on  item being engraved.

PLEASE NOTE: Customer provided items require a signature on a waiver releasing us of any liability on damage to an item due to machine malfuntion, non engraveable surface damage, loss or theft. We expect the customer to do due diligance on the engraveability of an items surface prior to bringing it in for engraving. White the odds of these being an issue are slim to none, and we take great care of items in our care,  we still require it on any outside items brought to us for engraving. We will not replace damaged items, but we will not charge for the engraving.