Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing is Limited to the items specially prepared to accept Sublimation ink, We cannot Sublimate on items brought in from outside our shop. (The only Exception to that rule is Clothing such as tee shirts or sweatshirts must be 50/50 cotton/ ploy blend or 100% polyester.)

 SUBLIMATION PRINTING is a Full Color Printing Option used on Coffee Mugs, Gifts, Mouse Pads, Award Ribbons, Plaque Plates, Bookmarks, Coasters, Tiles, Keytags, Dogtags, Glass Awards, Wood Box Inserts, Trophy 2" Insert disks, Dash Plaques for car shows, Car flags, Shirts (small Qty runs), Custom Medal inserts, small signs  and much more!!!

Our Max size for any printing is 8x10.5 prints.

We DO NOT Color Match, logos, ect. We can get close, but do not guarentee exact color matching.

Please Contact us with any questions we would love to assist you on your next full color project!

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