Turn Around Times, Due Dates & Rush Fees

~ Due Dates ~

Please make sure to make note of the Date you need your order by when placing your order. Most items on our site will have a date section to mark the date you need it by, If less than a week Please call to verify we have room on our schedule for your order so arragements can be made.

We are a local retail Trophy Shop with an approx. 1 week turn around time on most local pick up orders, such as Order Monday receive Order by Friday, including Team trophy orders. SPRING AND FALL SPORTS SEASONS TIMES MAY BE LONGER - BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY TO AVOID LONG WAIT TIMES.

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIMES,( If you need your order shipped Make sure to leave ample time for your order to be completed and Shipped to you OUR minimum turn around time on Shipped orders is 2 weeks.) 

During our busy seasons of Spring and Fall Sports our local pickup turn around times lean more towards 2 week turnaround times as all of our available weekly slots fill up very quickly with team trophy orders. The orders are placed in the order of when they are received and completed by the date requested. We take orders until the week fills up and then start scheduling the following week. If you need an order completed during a week that is already fully booked, there is a chance we may still be able to complet your order after hours or by bumping another order due at a later date, if this happens we require a RUSH FEE to accomidate the order.

~ RUSH FEE Rates ~

Rush Fees are based on how full our schedule is when you place your order and the turn around time you require. If we are not full there is no Rush fee.

If our weekly schedule is booked and you still need your job completed during that time, we have to pay additional hours to our employees to complete your order, this means working after hours to complete extra jobs. If this occurs we charge a $15 Rush fee to complete your Job that week.


~ Your Order is needed in Less than 1 day or 24 hours you are charged a 25% Rush fee based on order total. - MIN of $15

~ Your Order is needed in 2 days or 48 hours you are charged a 20%  Rush fee on order total. -   MIN of $15

PLEASE NOTE: Some orders cannot be filled in Rush situations; for example, if we cannot get the product item in time or Graphics/Artwork needed for the job hours exceeds what we can physically do in a short amount of time. We do our best to accommodate everyone, every time, unfortunately sometimes its just not possible. Please give ample time to complete your order.